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My concern on lot commissions

Feb 15 at 10:46
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Yes Jake, the demo accounts do give an idea of the live ones. The market data is real.

Feb 16 at 05:08
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Trading can actually be very simple. You choose the medium you want to use for learning, and then get on with a demo account to practice what you’ve learned. The next step is the live market, for which micro accounts given by so many brokers like ic markets, fxtm, fxview, octafx, etc make perfect sense. So ya, using a micro lot is not really a choice, but a done thing if you want to be a successful trader. Bypass it at your own financial risk!

Feb 16 at 07:58
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Feb 16 at 10:17
37 příspěvků
@Halexpark Ya I agree, I would never advise anyone to start big. However my only bone of contention is these cheap brokers like xm, fxview who allow trading from even a dollar or 5? What justice is that gonna do? Trading with like $5 or $10 won’t even enable learning from price fluctuations as the swings won’t be visible.

Feb 17 at 07:44
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Hey Jake, these brokers are there just so common people can enter the financial world and see if they are even cut out for it. Don’t see anything wrong there.

Feb 17 at 07:45
37 příspěvků
Darren, I wanna ask you one thing - do these low-cost brokers provide even the basic services - like real time data, latest news that matters and stuff ??

Feb 17 at 11:05
102 příspěvků
Lorencecolling posted:
I’ve been using some low commission brokers for my trades which includes Fxtm, Fxpro and Fxview. The spreads are also pretty tight on these. So it’s a win-win for me. Otherwise I have seen that brokers with low commission give not-so-appealing spreads.

It is obvious that brokers would charge a commission for their services. But newbies should first compare the pricing and the spreads of various brokers available in the market and then choose the one which suits them.

Feb 17 at 14:46
37 příspěvků
@forextrader777 That makes all the sense in the world.. sadly, newbies are also the first to fall prey to some brokers with hidden costs in the form of varying spreads that can go really high. Just curious... which broker did you start off with?

Feb 18 at 04:23
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Lorencecolling posted:
Yes Jake, the demo accounts do give an idea of the live ones. The market data is real.

Even I feel that demo trading is a great way of knowing whether a broker is worth your needs or not. And the best part is that the choices are not limited. You can always find a broker of your choice. You don’t need to settle for just anything.

Feb 18 at 06:58
58 příspěvků
@Kroolsc Learning is not enough for a new trader. They need to do some practice (preferably on a demo account) to test what they have learnt so far. This can prepare them for some typical situations.

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