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What is your trading strategy ?

Elena Triston (ele020)
Dec 17 2020 at 11:12
219 příspěvků
My trading strategy is to earn profit regularly. I never stick to one strategy, sometimes I trade using higher timeframes and sometimes using lower time frames sometimes I prefer scalping but the main goal is avoid significant losses.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Dec 18 2020 at 21:03
140 příspěvků
Making money is not so easy.You need a proper plan to make profit from this market.

Dec 19 2020 at 05:55
33 příspěvků
Shelby10 posted:
Making money is not so easy.You need a proper plan to make profit from this market.

What is your trading strategy?

Dec 21 2020 at 10:52
951 příspěvků
According to my personal trading experience, Price Action trading system is the best. It’s the most flexible one! Since you can use any kind of trading instrument here including crypto’s.

Dec 22 2020 at 02:11
298 příspěvků
I work with technical analysis. Technical analysis helps a lot in creating a good strategy. It has to be combined with the fundamentals.

Dec 22 2020 at 10:17
37 příspěvků
I don’t know how people change their strategies over and again. I find it difficult and as far as I know, it is advised to stick to a single strategy.

Jan 12 at 08:55
37 příspěvků
Selecting a trade strategy is an important step in forex. Every trader has to work with a strategy and make profits using it effectively.

Feb 10 at 05:27
18 příspěvků
Yes, selecting what strategy to use for a trade is my favourite thing to do and I keep trying new ones. So far, I like scalping and I’m practising how to trade it well.

Feb 18 at 23:42
55 příspěvků
Justice1024 posted:
My trading strategy includes several accounts with differrent margin level for differrent timeframes.

Nice your covering all bases must require a lot of work to manage them all

Mar 28 at 11:31
112 příspěvků
Recently, I started trading on news very interestingly and quite effectively, but you need to be as focused as possible.

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