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What is your trading strategy ?

Apr 09 at 04:59
19 příspěvků
Trading strategies can shape the way a trade is executed and a successful strategy can help a trader a lot.

Apr 16 at 05:00
10 příspěvků
Yes, a trading strategy forms an integral part of a trader’s life specially when they have to keep making profits in the forex market.

Apr 16 at 06:48
886 příspěvků
we need most powerful analyzing trading strategy so that we can bring good amount of profit by trading .

Apr 16 at 09:35
8 příspěvků
Trading strategy is hardest thing in forex to get. It is easy to learn risk management and patience but finding strategy that work is so hard

Apr 16 at 16:18
36 příspěvků
The only strategy I find profitable until now is the Price Action trading strategy because it can be utilised for a long, medium or short-term period. I can also use several time frames for analysis.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Apr 20 at 07:08
219 příspěvků
Duktilar posted:
Recently, I started trading on news very interestingly and quite effectively, but you need to be as focused as possible.

Also, you need to be extra careful with the spreads as they generally widen during news release.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Apr 30 at 15:29
28 příspěvků
I use position trading strategy because it focuses on the fundamental factors, and it is suitable for traders that are patient because it takes weeks or months.

May 24 at 13:08
112 příspěvků
Now I mainly work on long-term trading, because this has its own benefits.

Janphil (janphil31)
Jun 04 at 19:28
5 příspěvků
I work with a statistics-based trading approach. I only focus on a single currency pair and try to profit off of it, doesn't matter if market is bullish or bearish. My risk per trade is 4.5% of my equity, which is a little bit compared with what most Forex education teach us. But it's all part of my overall long-term plan.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain
Jun 07 at 17:48
640 příspěvků
it does not matter what strategy you are using. only matter is how well you are executing it.

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