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Max floating Drawdown PER TRADE in pips / % / $ vote results

Líbí se vám tento návrh?

Ano Ne
Curve Trader (AVIFX)
Jan 15 2013 at 07:02
7 zpráv(a,y)
YES! the main reason why i hardly use myfxbook

Jan 15 2013 at 17:44
228 zpráv(a,y)
Should absolutely be implemented ASAP.

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Jan 28 2013 at 06:23
1008 zpráv(a,y)
Finally Complete. Look at the History.

Jan 28 2013 at 18:07
128 zpráv(a,y)
WOW cool! it really has been implemented. Let's hope it'll work as expected. Thanks MyFxbook!! 😎

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