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Global Trading Pros 1:5 (Od Global Trading Pros )

Uživatel odstranil tento systém.

Global Trading Pros 1:5 diskuse

May 04 2017 at 07:12
55 příspěvků
Palko posted:
Good morning guys...,It's very nice to find so many informations ..,but I have a question for u..,is it in your power to do something about it ?..,No ..,I don't think so..,can u recover all lost money from the person ?...,in case it is really the right person..,NO ..,I don't think so...,so please instead of posting all information publicly here..,can u report it to authorities ...,I reported them to


...,so please be kind and follow me.

Have nice day.

palko what is the FBI doing? or are they busy with trumps russian connection?

May 04 2017 at 07:13
55 příspěvků
Hameesh any news from mr. simon? mr. simon is megatransfer u all know this right?

May 04 2017 at 14:42
13 příspěvků
Hello Guys,

sorry for not responding for some time. I was busy sorting things out.
Report has been translated and filed. Those who are in contact with me by email are updated more often.

@greenday7711 I jumped into this forum trying to organse a lot of us who seemed not knowing what they could do. I dont remember you mentioning you have lost money from this scam nor trying to offer real help on this case. Instead i see you criticizing and trying to disorient people taking their attention from the true scammer. I am wondering about your true motives, and i really hope i am wrong.

May 08 2017 at 11:01
55 příspěvků
hi simon i didn't get to see the police report filed. can you email us. simon sir you have my phone number. my police report , my outward remittances everything. yet i don't have anyone elses including yours. i am very open here. my motive is simple. i feel megatransfer is running away from its responsibilities. there is no way megatransfer didn't know all this. we are in 2017 now. not 2008. if megatransfer did file a police report why not share it. some of us are not located in europe. you must understand this. but we all have common ending.

May 08 2017 at 14:49
17 příspěvků
your absolutely correct Mr Greenday7711 - Mega Transfer trying to escape from this scam.
@Simon21188 can you pls provide the police report copy to us.

May 10 2017 at 06:37
55 příspěvků
Simon i was chatting with megatransfer yesterday they told me you or they will message me but until now i have not received any information.

May 11 2017 at 07:11
6 příspěvků
Megatransfer already made a statement saying that they are just a payment method they said they did all relevant checks up according to law meaning that sakura fx and the other scam companies were legal and complying with everything according to law. It is not their fault that this legal companies decided to turn against their clients, they are prepared for further investigation with the police they are ready to give the police all relevant information. I tried to complain with many institutions but none of them can do anything only the police or the Vanuatu regulator can do something about it but there is no more information of these institutions actions if there is any action taken by them at all.
Sorry but it seems that there is no hope to get any justice for what they did to us.

FX trader
May 11 2017 at 07:11
10 příspěvků
vontogr (togr)
May 11 2017 at 13:50
4862 příspěvků
Palko posted:
Looks like our guys are back in action

What a coincidence,

a guy who was misusing my paid signal for months just contacted me
guess what?
He offered me to open account with
perhaps he could know more about these guys as he is working for them
what should I answer him?

mike (toyotarxi)
May 12 2017 at 13:40
9 příspěvků
maybe string them along give them rope lets see what this about?

you are never to old to learn
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