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ThinkForex - Forex Growth Bot - Live (Od andromeda1 )

Zisk : +39.48%
Čerpání 21.51%
Pipy: 627.1
Obchodníci 661
Vyhraná :
Prohraná :
Typ : Reálný
Páka: 1:200
Obchodování : Automaticky

ThinkForex - Forex Growth Bot - Live diskuse

Aug 01 2012 at 23:54
108 příspěvků
Robot state:
Lot size 0.03
Fifo: false
AssignPT_ST: false
internalcontrol: true
manualtradecontrol: false
Fastvolatility: 5
Slowvolatility: 60
Volatilityfactor: 2.0

For me Interesting discovery:
Try to compare last 6 months of my account and vendor account 6monts:

My account did less trades and made 12% more profit. But you can see my account loose in Longs and vendors account wins most often in Longs. What is the cause?
Sep 15 2012 at 10:15
108 příspěvků
There is a good gain in September, and you can compare GrowthBot running at Pepperstone also:
Seems like Pepperstone has little bit better gain than my Thinkforex. Vendors Growth Bot is also on thinkforex, and when you compare period from 19.January 2012 of Vendors account, you see vendor has bigger gain like 10% but also 50% bigger drawdown than me.
Apr 07 2013 at 18:42
108 příspěvků
Today 7.4.2013 i transfered 383.19USD more to this account. thx
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