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Best Crypto to Invest in these Times.

Oct 18 at 16:14
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I believe in bitcoin actually. In my opinion it has a great potential to replace national currencies of some progressive countries. We have to understand that cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology aren't perfect at all. It requires lots of time to make them perfect. Only after these teps we can think about making them as a replacement for current national currencies. It's still easy to hack blockchain and steal all the bitcoins. It's a very tought question actually but I believe in bitcoin, because it shows us a great growth over the last years, despite the fact that it's very volatile nowadays.

Oct 18 at 16:35
337 Posts
Now you need to invest in crypto with the correct analysis of the future course. Otherwise, the result may not meet expectations.

Oct 21 at 08:31
49 Posts
Currently I would say that these three will be the best choice with current price - Bitcoin : $62,309.90, Ethereum: $3,805.53, Cardano: $2.13. They are rising and will grow in future as well. But when you trade or invest do check their market cap and futures speculations.

Oct 21 at 08:40
477 Posts
New coins appear every day, but not many of them are worthy of attention. As for me, this is important to understand.

Oct 22 at 14:59
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I dont expect any of the IPOs to do any better or worse than coinbases tbh

Oct 22 at 15:27
37 Posts
Cryptos have been having a good time. I personally think BTC and ETH have great future. At the moment, BTC is expensive to buy. Though, it has a long way to go as far big guns are concerned. For retail traders, ETH may be a better option.

Oct 23 at 11:16
477 Posts
Many people like to invest in standard bitcoin. In my opinion, this is quite a good option for the job.

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Oct 24 at 23:39
77 Posts
There's many many good ones! We are entering / have entered a digital age and the infrastructures being created with pave the way for the future. Fill as many bags as you can and leave the pessimism to gold bugs like Shifty Shiff!

Oct 27 at 04:41
46 Posts
As per the latest statistics, Bitcoin is down 1.21% in the last 24 hours. So maybe you can now buy Bitcoin or wait for it to go down more. On the other hand, there are some great cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Tether, Litecoin, and Solana are expected to reach a high point in the coming years. So maybe now is the right time to invest in them.

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 28 at 10:20
143 Posts
Obviously just my opinion but I still like BTC long term but also like to spread my portfolio into some DeFi projects and other cryptos with proof of stake consensus. So ETH moving over to ETH2.0 excites me along with DOT, SOL, ALGO, and ADA.

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