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Feb 01 at 19:10
774 Beiträge
Good support on the EURUSD around the 1.2060 level which has touched on five ocassions during the last two months. The 200 month EMA is exactly at that level and that is why the pair is having trouble breaking below it. To the downside, the 1.2000 level could also act as support.

Mar 03 at 12:18
50 Beiträge
According to fxview report, eurusd is looking bit down due to employment change data. Any expectation?

Mar 17 at 13:36
25 Beiträge
Is the EURUSD dropping due to the impact of Covid, because the euro weakened on Thursday after the European Central Bank said that there is more stimulus fighting the coronavirus impact, but did not lower interest rates with one currency falling to the day's low as investors rushed for dollars?

Mar 24 at 10:51
26 Beiträge
EUR/USD is a very good pair to trade, I’m glad you started this thread.

Apr 13 at 14:13
20 Beiträge
The Euro rose from lows near US$1.1870 to highs near US$1.1918 and was near US$1.1910 at the US close.

Apr 14 at 09:41
20 Beiträge
The Euro rose from lows near US$1.1882 to highs near US$1.1953 and was near US$1.1950 at the US close.

Apr 17 at 14:03
15 Beiträge
March turned out to be the third continuous loss from 2021 reversal slide by 2.8 per cent and the recent drop pulled EUR/USD into the upper range of demand at 1.1857-1.1352.

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