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May 17 at 15:37
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Most of the major currency pairs were stonger against the US dollar in both Euro and US trade. The euro was raised from the downwards near US$1.2092 to US$1.2145 and was near US$1.2138 at the US close.

doubleG (doubleG)
May 18 at 06:24
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I also think the dollar is weak and the euro dollar is very bullish. In the coming months we are likely to see EURUSD revisit 1.39000 and even higher.

Slow progress is progress.
May 18 at 08:22
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EURUSD: Critical Resistance ahead.
Directly closing break 1.2211/43 will extend strength to 1.2275 at least, the measured objective of the breakout pattern.
Below 1.2125 would be the early sign of a potential correction phase.
No change for the medium term view of boarder range with potential upside risk, but near term should be cautious on the tough barrier and potential momentum divergence.


May 19 at 14:30
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The Euro rose from lows near US$1.2165 to US$1.2230 and was near US$1.2225 at the US close. European hours on Friday pulled EUR/USD above 1.21, tripping protective stops and filling breakout buyers.

May 20 at 06:52
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DXY did not post a classic bullish outside day after FOMC Minutes.
However, there is a moderate buy signal generated by TendencyForex System target 90.58/94 initially.
Let's see how the trend develop in coming sessions.


May 20 at 14:54
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The Euro fell from highs near US$1.2245 to lows near US$1.2160 and was near US$1.2175 at the US close. EUR/USD extended losses south of Quasimodo resistance at 1.2169 on Wednesday, nudging the 1.1985 May 5th low in view, arranged just north of the 200-day simple moving average at 1.1950.

May 25 at 15:22
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From what I have seen in the technical analysis and the recent minor fundamental news its seems that the EURUSD looks bullish to me overall. It could be because the market makers are the pair up.

Jun 03 at 14:32
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EURUSD were former against the US dollar in European and US trade. The Euro held between $1.2165 and $1.2215; it seems to be at the US close.

Jun 07 at 13:49
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The Euro rose from lows near US$1.2103 to highs near US$1.2182 and was near US$1.2170 at the US close. Friday’s lower-than-expected US non-farm payrolls metric softened US yields and bruised the greenback, consequently elevating EUR/USD off weekly troughs.

Jun 29 at 07:15
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For me EURUSD is the best pair i have evr traded.

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