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Jul 25 2019 at 10:33
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accumulation 2..might low if it doesnt make a new high

Jul 26 2019 at 12:02
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The next is growing to 109.0 resitance. The 3rd time of this level testing, so I predict a falling after that to 108.5 and 108.2 supports.

Nowak (Nowak)
Aug 22 2019 at 11:38
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I see a trend usdjpy goes to buy to the level 106.78.

Aug 23 2019 at 09:49
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Nowak posted:
I see a trend usdjpy goes to buy to the level 106.78.

yeah it go right you said. your analyse correct.

Aug 30 2019 at 02:30
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The USDJPY is stuck between the 106.00 level and the 106.78 level. The 55 day EMA could act as resistance, followed by the 108.00 level. To the downside, below the 106.00 level, the low at the 104.45 level could act as support.

Peter Kimber (profitBottle)
Sep 03 2019 at 13:45
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usdjpy is trading under MA150 at h4 and the support of 106.00 will be probably tested again. the resistance is 106.75 as the first strong level for buyers. I suppose that after this correction, the 104.5 will be tested again.

Sep 04 2019 at 09:34
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I can't see 104.5 tested for a while. On daily it looks like USDJPY has bottomed out. I expect a move upwards or sideways now. But a test of 104.5 could be months away

Sep 05 2019 at 01:01
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My lon term target for USDJPY is around, 105.80

Sep 11 2019 at 11:14
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My target is opposite direction. I see 109 coming and then price go sideways

Sep 12 2019 at 08:41
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Looking good for 109. Why do you not think will rise further?

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