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Fear is the greatest reason

Suradi (FXOday)
Apr 03 2022 at 22:19
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Fear included human nature, sometimes fear come because of something scary in mind, while in forex trading, fear is because imagine losing trades, how to overcome the fears and Traders need confidence with their trading skills and practice in the real trading accounts, many working hours in trading they can control fear in a better place.
Apr 04 2022 at 09:42
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croisssan posted:
Fear plays an extremely negative role in this industry. The more fear a trader has, the greater the likelihood of a negative result.
I agree! Fear also causes us to set aside common sense and self-control. It hinders the ability to make rational decisions. So it is important to have a practical approach and make judgement based on facts and figures.
HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Apr 04 2022 at 16:33
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As someone who struggles with anxiety, I agree that fear can severely influence trading decisions. I missed out on a lot of opportunities early on because I was either too hesitant to enter or pulled out too early.
Dan (Danproperty)
Apr 04 2022 at 18:35
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No matter what your weakness, fear or overconfidence, in any case, it will have a negative impact. In order to overcome the fear of loss, you need to lose. It sounds cruel enough, but only the most persistent will be able to return after losses, but without fear.
Apr 08 2022 at 04:12
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Don’t let the fair nest into your mind because it impedes a trader from trading. Traders should make their own strategy of trading and prove that strategy by using over time whether it is okay or further modification is needed. Traders should not take much risk in trading because any big loss can bring fear in traders.
Apr 11 2022 at 09:51
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Fear is one of the major reasons why traders face failures. Especially when it comes to money, we’re all afraid but this is where we have to restrict ourselves in order to trade efficiently and earn profits. Fear is so strong that it can ruin the strongest of the traders so in order to trade successfully you must have control
Apr 12 2022 at 07:32
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Do not allow your judgement regarding decisions to be based on emotions if you want to succeed. Very few traders realise this early in the game, but if you do know how to manage your emotions and your money while maintaining low risk levels, there is no doubt you will achieve more than you counted on.
Apr 13 2022 at 04:10
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Fear causes traders not to make an entry. So, traders should think how they will make profit unless they open an entry. It is one of the human qualities and that’s why we again and again say that building human qualities is badly essential for a trader because it helps traders to succeed.
Apr 14 2022 at 07:08
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It is fear that leads to failure most of the time. People are driven by fear most of the time. Trading can be very risky if you fear losing money. It is also essential to lower your risk and come up with proper money management and risk management strategy. Psychology is different for everybody, so find the approach that is right for you.
Apr 14 2022 at 09:09
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Fear is one of the negative mindset that can cause the negative aspect and outcome when it comes to forex trading, so id you do not want to face any issues or losing the money, it is best to be confident with your trading strategy and go with what you think is prefer for trading aspect.
Apr 20 2022 at 06:54
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Trading is impossible without risk, and when you put your money on the line, you run the danger of losing it. However, you can't trade if you're afraid, therefore try to stay away from emotions while trading. Just keep in mind that profit and loss are simply a part of trading.
Apr 21 2022 at 05:25
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Fear of trading is a common tendency among traders we see. Even though experienced traders feel fear of trading that keeps them out of profit for days. So, a trader must brave about his trading. He must keep practicing in demo account provided by his broker to remove this fear from him.
Apr 22 2022 at 10:26
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lacking confidence will lead to losses in forex trading. It also means that your decision-making abilities are less. Lose the fear of being wrong.
Apr 25 2022 at 10:30
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It depends on the traders how well they can control their fear. It’s absolutely up to them whether they let the fear keep them from trading and taking risks or help them make wise trading decisions.
Seb King (sebking1986)
Apr 25 2022 at 14:57
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You simply cannot expect to succeed if you fear failing. Everyone who has been successful has faced multiple failures along the way in trading and in life.
If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Apr 26 2022 at 04:07
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I can attest to the fact that fear may have a significant impact on trading decisions. Because I was either too scared to enter or withdrew out too soon, I missed out on a lot of opportunities early on.
Apr 27 2022 at 07:38
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Yes I agree, fear is one of the major reasons for losing in forex trading. The best way to overcome fear is to not get way too emotional because trading is not possible without taking any risk.
Apr 27 2022 at 07:55
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Fear is one of the most difficult mindsets to overcome since it may grip your head and make it tough to reject it. Even if you are an experienced trader, I believe you might suffer anxiety even if you use a decent approach.
Apr 27 2022 at 11:45
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feelsofine posted:
Fear is one of the most difficult mindsets to overcome since it may grip your head and make it tough to reject it. Even if you are an experienced trader, I believe you might suffer anxiety even if you use a decent approach.
Agreed, fear is the greatest reason of most of the failures in forex trading.
Apr 28 2022 at 04:40
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Don’t fear Forex market because it puts a bar in your thoughts and execution. So, try to learn how to analyze the market properly and then take decision what you should do and what not to do. Make courage in you to work accordingly.
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