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how to become a forex market conqueror

Sep 17 at 10:56
283 Posts
only hard work can achieve the top in forex, without such practice, little can be shown

Sep 17 at 20:58
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It is not necessarily about scalping and what do you mean by conquering forex market? I think that it is better to trade longer than scalping with bigger lots. Thus you will be more responsible for your decisions and they will be more accurate and safer.

Sep 18 at 07:02
316 Posts
As for me, there is only one way here - experience. Only as an experienced trader can count on this.

Sep 18 at 09:48
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We need to realise that scalping isn't the only strategy in forex trading. I have been using day trading strategy for a while now and it has made me more profits than scalping ever would . Moreover to become a forex market conqueror a person should be a smart trader not a static one.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Sep 20 at 14:23
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Scalping can be really profitable for some traders, but I think experience and knowledge about overtrading and other things can influence chances of success. I know a few people who hate scalping and therefore they use different strategies and other strategies while my other friends swear by scalping and they do very well. I think it all depends on various factors.

Sep 21 at 12:14
283 Posts
these are all indicators that relate to your success in anything, they depend only on your experience and training, improving your skills

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