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News trading is very tempting

Sep 02 at 06:26
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UweMoench posted:
News trading is very tempting but for good for everyone. For news trading you need good knowledge on both technical and fundamental analysis. Otherwise most of the time you would lose money in news trading.

News trading is very tempting. It is very risky as well. Traders are to be very careful with news trading. Proper money management is needed with adequate knowledge about news trading.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Sep 02 at 09:15
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cranberrythekid posted:
MarcellusLux posted:
- Study the political and economic details and processes that can influence news releases.
- Consider all possible scenarios in advance.
- Calculate in advance all the possible risks associated with these scenarios.
- Trade according to a plan and with strict risk control.
- Do not try to catch what has already been missed. Or wait for the secondary market reaction.

Easier said than done. How exactly do you do the things listed and how to you then use that information to make trading decisions.

Which of the following are you specifically interested in?

Perhaps I have already answered a similar question on the forum.

Everyone can contact me and I will answer if possible. Welcome.

Sep 04 at 16:19
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it has always been important to follow the market news for trading, but here you also need to check the correct resources

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