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profits in forex trading

Jul 11 at 11:05
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profit is an inevitable part of trading's but first of all we the traders have to make sure how to take losses easily. otherwise no way to bring profit for all time.

Jul 11 at 14:06
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Jul 11 at 15:13
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For sure i agree with above most dont get to the profit stage as they dont handle losses well

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 11 at 20:38
170 Posts
All traders wants to make profit in every day trading, but not all trader able to making profit, because risk also as part in trading, how to making profit in trading required good trading sill in determine entry and exit point, trader can get the best time to entry and exit

Jul 12 at 12:13
41 Posts
I am still a beginner, but till now I have managed to get a good grasp at least that is how I feel. Profits are not the only goal, I believe you need time and experience first and in time profits can be made too. I prefer to take things rather slowly so as to learn a bit first and then hopefully trades will be better and more successful.

Jul 12 at 12:21
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With experience and time the profits will eventually come. Too much focus on profit immediately will just result in over trading

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Jul 12 at 12:31
94 Posts
As long as your trading strategy does not generate a constant income, you should not consider you are a forex trader or any other trader.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 12 at 22:56
170 Posts
If trader still not yet achieved their goal, the good motivation is don't give up, still many opportunities to make money through forex trading, if not yet ready in real trading account using a demo account, or micro account for low-risk trading

Jul 13 at 06:11
38 Posts
Those who do not give up become professionals and profitable in this area, he continues to act and work, no matter what.

Jul 13 at 08:05
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There will be consistent profits when you trade moderately with little risk.

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