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1:200, $1000, 0.1 lot, 0.25 risk Megadroid?

Sep 30 2010 at 08:29
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Hi, is these settings ok with Megadroid or you recommend lowering lot size or risk ratio,

My settings now: 1:200, $1000, 0.1 lot, 0.25 risk Megadroid

what adjustment You recommend or you would choose?

I need good profit, but also good stability years to come.
Akhahowa Osakpolor (osasyankee)
Oct 07 2010 at 14:36
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try and go live please..
Oct 17 2010 at 16:14
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turn off recovery mode
Southern PitBull (southernpitbull)
Oct 17 2010 at 18:41
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.25 will risk 25% of your account per trade and if you have aggressive set to true that's 50% of your account in 2 trades. Personally if your looking for long term gains risking minimal capital I'd go with forex morning trade. I was using megadroid and stopped when i tried morning trade... Megadroid's R:R ratio is pretty bad where as morning trade is 1:1. just some food for thought
Stuart (kernowstu)
Nov 12 2010 at 09:49
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I've been using Megadroid for the past 12 months now and while it doesn't appear to trade often you'll be surprised at how consistent the gains are, even factoring in the occasional full stop loss hit you will inevitably incur. Personally I run it on risk 0.15, aggressive on and recovery on. That's on an account with 1:500 leverage. What is encouraging is the live account statement the Megadroid team have on their website. I've followed this very closely and the trades recorded there, match the trades on my live account 99% of the time. Not bad given the variables of different brokers, time zones and connection speeds etc. If you have a look at that you will see that losses are normally recovered within the next 4 or 5 trades and then there's a steady rate of growth before the next loss and so on. Obviously the bigger your starting balance the more useful the growth rate is.

I'd say stick with it (keep your risk level low) and just review it on a monthly basis, the worst thing you can do is panic after a loss and turn it off, I did and I only realised my error when I checked a demo account I'd left it running on, only to find that it had recovered the loss and made great gains afterwards! Now it stays on regardless.

Hope that helps.

Nov 26 2010 at 18:31
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hey guys its Alex,
very new here trying to make some money.which means i gave it to another guy to menage it and learning every brokers are fxprimus and using megadroid on eur/usd.but what is happening with my account with the same settings as with forexmegadroid website is different.Please can you look at it and give me an advice how to do proper settings.risk is account is help from experts is appreciated.oh nad yes recovery mode is on as you can see that
Aarish (eternaltrader)
Dec 03 2010 at 08:26
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now megadroid doesnt work efficiently
if u could show the backtests we could help
Age doesn't matter till you know what you are doing
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