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Best Broker for a Newbie

Jun 26 2020 at 06:01
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Roberto21 posted:
Honestly speaking, if you want to find a right broker, you have to move Forex Pace Army where people share their own trading experience. And myfxbook EarnForex and Babypips can be a great source to find a right broker nowadays.

Thanks for your tips with these sites. Really useful information

Jun 29 2020 at 06:18
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It seems to me that for a beginner you need to choose a broker who have a good leverage.

Moreno Rodrigez (MRodrigez)
Aug 01 2020 at 09:53
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If you trade a lot it is Tickmill because of low spreads and low commission.

Aug 04 2020 at 11:30
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Choosing a broker is not an easy task for the new traders. If you want to choose a regulated and reliable broker you have to research properly. There are so many sites that give brokers review. You can follow them to find a good and suitable broker for you.

Aug 08 2020 at 07:53
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Does anyone traded with a broker? I traded with them on a demo account, but now I am thinking of opening a real account. How can I be sure they can be trusted? Thanks.

Aug 08 2020 at 09:36
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selecting a good broker depend on some things so you must pay attention to those
1- reliability : it is very important . some of broker hasn't any regulation and aren't safe. they hasn't lots of client and have some fraud technique. for example some of those detect you are a new trader and with high probability you lose . it this situation they give your money without any try. In this situation some times if you go in a huge profit try to don't pay your profit with some repeated sentence same as you trade in news . you trade fake ....
2- some broker work om spreads intelligence. they had some level lots of trader has SL on that . so near that levels wide spread for a moment and lots of trade close although price dosent touch in any with and had a good distance until those point
3-some broker have reqoute. in other phrase when you has an order with a small slippage failed your order and wait for new command of you . although the number of those decreased .
4- One of the important factor about selecting of broker is spread specially for your trade system
if you are a scalper you need a fast and low spread broker. and if you are a day trader with long profit and stop some of other factor are important
 i think this post is too long sorry

Aug 11 2020 at 19:15
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When you will go for choosing a broker for you you should be very careful. Because there are so many fake brokers in the market. You can take help from those websites which give broker reviews on their sites.

Aug 12 2020 at 09:08
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We all were once newbies, and therefore I can say that the Amarkets broker is very suitable in this regard, because there is good support and an understandable platform.

Aug 13 2020 at 09:19
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A newbie must always choose a broker with utmost care as the broker plays a strong role in the trading. So choose your broker by analyzing each and every aspect like leverage, spreads, deposits, and withdrawals. Naming some brokers like turnkey forex, coinexx, fxbrew, ic markets, etc. You can try them they are quite good.

Aug 28 2020 at 04:01
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A good broker is needed to bring profit in trading. If the broker is not good, it is not possible to be satisfied with trading. I have lost it by depositing in many brokers. Broker spreads are an important factor. If the spread of the broker is not good, you will not be able to bring more profit by trading. Eurotrader has made my trading life enjoyable with their blessing opportunities and their support is always active.

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