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Every novice trader must learn from my trading account

Finarmcom (Finarmcom)
May 28 at 10:43
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I think that before entering the market, you need to study all the information about the market, trading, brokers. It was hard for me to choose the right broker. I searched a lot of sites in order to find something good. I also spent a lot of time looking for a broker and accidentally found this site Finarm, which has a whole bunch of different companies listed. It's pretty convenient and can give you some insights.

May 29 at 16:56
525 Posts
It is not possible to make money in trading without patience. A trader can survive in the forex market depending on patience. There can be many losses. But that loss has to be dealt with with a positive mindset.

Jun 09 at 06:08
461 Posts
Start with a demo account. Don’t rush to real trading.

Jun 11 at 08:02
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
Start with a demo account. Don’t rush to real trading.

Yes.Every new trader should learn all the basics from a demo account before going to live account.

Jul 08 at 16:01
484 Posts
All new traders must know and aware of the risk of trading.

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