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How to get no deposit bonus in forex for new traders?

Jul 26 at 03:56
10 Posts
No deposit bonus is a type of bonus offered by some brokers for signing up on their platform. So, the new traders should sign up with such a broker that offers no deposit bonus to traders.

Jul 26 at 07:03
16 Posts
When it comes to bonus withdrawals the procedure is either complicated or there are certain criterias to meet

Aug 05 at 16:02
571 Posts
I don’t prefer the bonus money.

Aug 06 at 09:18
305 Posts
Tremblay posted:
Meloisel posted:
I think it's not a very pleasant moment when the broker offers a bonus that, as a result, cannot be used

A good broker is very important to survive in this market.

Yes. brokers play an important role to become successful.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Aug 06 at 15:36
54 Posts
Good point but newbies need to know how often terms & conditions can make it difficult to withdraw bonus money. I see so many threads where people are confused as to why they cannot withdraw their profits because they didn't read the terms so they haven't traded the specified number of lots or some other reason. It's also notable that scammers sometimes draw in beginners with too good to be true offers when the reality is that their terms are awful. What's a $30 bonus good for if you're paying spreads that are three times the average with 7% fees on every withdrawal, for example.

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