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Looking for Broker

Oct 05 at 15:11
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I've been trading for more than five months using FP Markets. I suggest trading with it because their spreads are some of the lowest, starting at 0.0pips for most parts of the trade. Their commission costs are lower with minimum slippages.

Oct 06 at 11:21
3 Posts
I will recommend for newbies. They have a lot of educational materials that will help you easily jump into trading.
Also, they have a very interesting weekly market overview on their YouTube channel

Oct 06 at 13:22
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So you would immediately describe which broker you are looking for, and most importantly, whether you have experience of working with other companies.

Oct 07 at 11:33
46 Posts
A good broker is one that aligns with your requirements. For someone like me leverage is important so I use finprotrading.

Oct 07 at 12:02
28 Posts
If you are looking for a broker for scalping, I suggest FP Markets because the spreads are tight and stable even when the market is volatile with lower commission costs and slippages.

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 07 at 14:16
158 Posts
I have used brokers that only use bank deposits and some offshore ones that use BTC and found both ok. Just make sure you check reviews and overall reputation.

If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 16 at 17:26
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Do your homework. Be prepared before you start looking for a broker.
Know how they get paid.
Check educational qualifications and experience.
Ask about their lender panel.
Check their ownership structure.
See if your broker explains your options clearly.
Get it in writing.
Shop around for a cheaper loan.

Oct 18 at 10:02
37 Posts
I suggest trading with ICM, CMC or FP markets. Their spreads are pretty tight. I trade with FP Markets mainly because of their faster execution speed and lower commission costs than other similar ecn brokers.

Oct 19 at 08:11
31 Posts
As a beginner, first, you need to consider your needs. As per your strategy, choose the broker that fits well with your particular trading style.

Oct 19 at 08:21
26 Posts
I would never suggest you any broker personally, because maybe what suits me is not comfortable for you. So it's always beneficial to do your own research and then compare what you are looking for and what the broker is offering you. This will help you to choose the right one for you.

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