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Successful Trading Rules

Jul 31 at 17:44
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Practice in the demo to build a god partible trading strategy.

Sep 05 at 13:37
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Don’t be greedy or take the trade with emotion.

Sep 06 at 06:02
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Being greedy is the most dangerous thing in Forex trading. Controlling emotions is the best part in Forex trading. Those who can't control will lose money.

Sep 06 at 08:00
589 Posts
Be patient, don't be greedy. Expect what you can achieve according to current skills and focus on developing more skills and experience.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Sep 06 at 20:04
41 Posts
NzeCapitalTrades posted:
1.Always Use a Trading Plan.

2.Treat Trading Like a Business.

3.Use Technology.
4.Protect Your Trading Capital.

5.Study the Markets.

6.Risk Only What You Can Afford.

7.Develop a Trading Methodology

8.Stoploss should be placed manually or automatically always

9. Give no room for emotions.

Always have a good strategy

Sep 08 at 13:01
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in order for the entire trading process to be successful, you need to work with the right broker, he himself has already hit the scammers a couple of times, it is good that I realized this in time, what option do you have for work?

Sep 08 at 13:12
269 Posts
as practice shows, such rules come to everyone in the course of work and for those situations that happen

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