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Time and pracrtice.

Jul 09 at 09:20
652 Posts
Success takes time and traders need a lot of practice in this industry.

Jul 14 at 05:15
29 Posts
I think that in this area practice time plays a very important role, it needs to be taken into account.

Jul 19 at 08:46
9 Posts
I would add here the ability to learn. Time and practice are really important, but what is the sense in practice if you don't learn from your mistakes? Many people may spend different amount of time on learning how to trade and this amount, from my perspective, depends on learning abilities and the way a person deals with losses.

Jul 27 at 05:12
13 Posts
I agree with you, trading requires a lot of patience, research, and practice. It takes time to build wealth

Nov 19 at 14:54
8 Posts
Time and practice are the key points in trading activity. I would add here learning of theory, because it also matters a lot on initial stages.
To my mind, the more time you dedicate to trading activity, the more impact you will have in future, because time will be transformed into an experience. Nevertheless, you have to stay focused on the process and try not to distract on time, because once you won't be able to dedicate time to trading and you will be stressful, because you promised yourself to trade as much as you can. Anyway, everything goes step by step. You won't even notice first steps in trading.

Nov 20 at 09:13
371 Posts
Practice in trading, as in many other industries, is a very important aspect. Without this, it can be quite difficult to achieve success.

Nov 20 at 14:39
50 Posts
time is very important and of course time is money , so we the traders dont waste the valuable time .

Nov 26 at 16:14
124 Posts
I think that such concepts are too strongly related to each other, and the results are already as a result of this training

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