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Traders from India

Nov 28 2013 at 19:58
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Hi guys,
Good to see some traders from India :). I have been trading on & off for around 2 yrs now. Lost some money in the process too lol. But finally managed to come up with good strategies this year & made some solid eas which are thankfully profitable. Backtesting ftw!!

The site suggested by Abhinav is indeed awesome. Anyone wanting to learn A-Z about forex trading should start there first.

EURUSD for lunch , USDCAD for dinner
Dec 02 2013 at 21:37
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Hello guyz,

I am trading forex since 2004 and seen many ups and downs. Forex trading is like our life. We cannot expect any one to teach about life. We have to experience ourselves. The same way, we cannot expect some one to teach us forex trading. we have to learn ourselves out of experience. Each and every time we fail to make money, we have to analyze why it went wrong and correct ourselves. There is no proven theory to have win-win trading always. Of course there will be losses. But we have to make sure the losses are less than the profit we make. I advice all the newbies not to fall as a prey for any fraudster on net. I request you always to invest small money in live accounts and learn it yourself. please do not invest the money that you can afford to loose. always invest money in a mindset that you will loose the money. only then your emotions will not dominate you. practice for a long term and check if you can make consistent profit for more than a year. then start investing big money into it. I started to trade from 2004 and i was not successful until 2007. Then i realized where i went wrong and corrected all my mistakes. Now i am consistent in profit since 2007. But the only problem is brokers. We cannot rely on any broker on a longer run. When i am consistent on profit, the brokers change their settings and send re-quotes. I am looking for a good broker to trade with. In the past 6 years, i have changed more than 40 brokers. Finally i switced over to a new broker and running my system. let me check how it goes..

Dec 25 2013 at 16:03
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riyaz22 posted:
I am trading forex since last 2 and half years,I would like to share my experience here.My first advice to new traders is to learn about basic thing before jump and start trading.First of all look for a genuine broker and registered a demo account with them and practice on it for atleast 6month.By this way you become familiar with basics of forex market and also gain experience and confidence,many broker run lots of demo contests and its a very good opportunity to learn and practice and if you win then you have a chance to trade for real without investing anything from your own pocket.I won more than $4000 till date and withdraw successfully.My first win was FBS 999 demo contest where I won $555(First prize) and used it in my real trade account and withdraw $1665 successfully to my bank account.Because of their contest rule I can withdraw only 300%(including prize money) after real trade.

Hello, i'm a researcher on forex and have posted a system one month back..I wan to know: what is a tracker..what benefit I will get if a number of people are tracking my system...

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