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What is the best strategy used as a new trader?

Jan 20 2022 at 02:28
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AliForexTalks posted:
To learn the basics, new traders should usually work with indicators. Basic notions must be developed by evaluating several types of indicators like as the moving average, the RSI, and the Bollinger bands, among others.
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Jan 21 2022 at 18:01
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I got used to think that the best strategy is not to have any strategy when you're on your first steps in trading. The matter here is to understand the basic mechanics of price changes and price movements. You should open a demo account, and just start making deals, based on your personal feelings, you know. Here you shouldn't appeal to your logic or analysis, because you don't have enough knowledge and skills yet. When you will start noticing regularities, you will be able to think about your strategy. On this stage, you can start exploring various technical indicators/patterns/figures and so on.
Jan 21 2022 at 18:20
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The main thing which you have to understand is that on initial stages, you shouldn't bother about strategy at all. Everything because you have less knowledge about trading than other traders, that's why the better way to start to understand all the basic things in trading is to ind a broker and open demo account. Then you just choose some assets, for example, currency pairs and you should simply watch for the price movement and try to follow up the price changes. When you will learn how to reveal regularities on the graphic, then you can start thinking about your own strategy. It will take no more than couple of weeks of daily practicing.
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