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Which broker is better

Jul 21 at 08:44
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我曾经使遇过无法出金的平台,平台必须要有监管及资金安全的地方,TMGM这间公司 满安全的资出入金满快的.
Jul 21 at 12:59
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For me, it is turnkey forex because of its low trading cost, and reliable customer support.
Julia (JuliaEvans)
Jul 22 at 07:02
24 Posts
I think that for scalping I would choose AMarkets broker. I was satisfied with them.
Danny Gilbert (Whitethroat)
Jul 22 at 13:06
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A good broker is someone who has been in this market for more than 10 years.
Jul 25 at 13:24
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For me, FP Markets is a better broker. I've been trading with it for three months and have not come across any issues. The withdrawals are smooth, and scalpers need not worry about the spread widening.
Jul 28 at 08:29
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It’s not about what my broker offers but whether it is in accordance with my trading needs or not. I prefer technology over manual trading and that’s what I mostly look for.
Aug 05 at 07:40
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I’d say fxview and fxtm, they both have a min deposit requirement of 5 USD and their trading conditions are also good. They are regulated brokers so pretty safe to use as well.
Aug 09 at 11:35
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Compared to all the brokers I have traded with in the past, FP Markets is a better broker because their trading conditions are robust with a minimum opening balance of $100 AUD.

I have been trading with them for over a year and have never come across any major issues like spreads widening or servers freezing. Even the customer service is quick in responding to most of my queries.
Aug 14 at 11:06
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which broker is better it depends on your trading conditions. if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.
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