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Which broker you can trust & run EA

Oct 15 at 12:07
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It is very important to find a reliable broker who you can trust. We use brokers as intermediaries and when these brokers start working against our interest it gets harder to survive in the market.

Oct 15 at 12:08
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It is helpful to read reviews by other users before registering yourself with a particular broker.

Oct 18 at 17:10
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If we speak about EAs then I only trust those brokers who offer trading with EAs, and they have their own EAs. Otherwise I would better stay off the idea of trading with EAs as it is kinda risky activity. In my opinion, traders should always rely on their own knowledge, if you haven't got such ones, thern you should do everything in order to acquire it. I guess that menual trading iis the best thing and it's much better than auto-trading, because it's much more predictable in terms oftrading activity, you know. When you're liable for the result of the deal, then you won't accuse yourself of doing something wrong.

Nov 06 at 05:52
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blixtpiece posted:
It is helpful to read reviews by other users before registering yourself with a particular broker.

Agree, I did the same before signing up with coinexx.

Nov 09 at 11:52
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Always test the broker first before investing money. Because there are a lot of scams broker in the market.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Nov 09 at 13:40
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Always test and do your research before making investment
There is to many clever scammers

Nov 11 at 11:06
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I always prefer regulated brokers for safety.

Nov 24 at 06:15
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A reliable broker is someone who not only offers good trading conditions, but is also available to solve queries of their customers.

Nov 24 at 06:20
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Well said! Indeed, brokers play the most crucial role in our trading journey. Just like trading conditions, customer support provided by the broker is equally important.

Nov 24 at 07:13
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The best way to find a reliable broker is to ask for reviews. It's a good way of running a background check on your potential broker.

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