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Why are forex traders interest rates so important?

Jul 14 at 05:13
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I began to understand the importance of this moment when I listened to the analytical review and recommendations from the broker.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jul 19 at 05:23
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Interest rates are important for the currency pairs as it helps the currency pair value to appreciate or depreciate. If you understand the importance of interest rate, then it will help to do fundamental analysis.

Jul 27 at 10:59
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Interests saves you a lot of money and helps as an addition to your gains ,it drives the the value of the currency

Jul 27 at 11:15
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it is important to remember that it is the PREDICTION of interest rate changes that drives FX price changes. This is why all the other economic data moves the markets - it provides an early indication of how interest rates may change. So when rates actually change there may be only be a small change in price because the change is priced in

Aug 03 at 16:34
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jimmyneeesham posted:
The interest rates are important in forex because when the interest rates rise, the price of the national currency also rises and that currency gains value in the foreign exchange markets. The interest rates play a vital role and are important in the market movements.

Yes interest rate is important for a currency. Changing in interest rate can change the market trend. Traders should be watchful if rate is changed.

Aug 08 at 03:40
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There are many things that influence the market. Interest rate is one of them.

Aug 10 at 04:25
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As for me, this is a rather rhetorical question, because really interest rates, the impact on the market.

Aug 10 at 13:11
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It should be understood that in trading you really need to know many aspects, because some tools in a certain situation can really bring good money.

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