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Your most successful trade

Mar 31 at 09:43
27 Posts
Marlonsmith posted:
I don’t know whether I should keep losing money or take motivation from you all. You are all doing great and I am nowhere near to this.

Take it another way! Every trader faces issues but what makes them successful is their constant efforts and determination that keep them going. Take motivation from them and don’t feel bad about where you are. We have all been there.

Apr 05 at 10:42
15 Posts
Not sure which trade I can classify as the most successful one but there have been some satisfactory ones that worked for me.

Apr 20 at 06:58
8 Posts
It is difficult to get a profitable trade in forex and I don't think I have made that high a profit yet.

Pips Laws (Piplaws)
May 26 at 12:27
28 Posts
This is the beauty of forex trading. Even when a certain strategy isn't working, there's always something else you can try.

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