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David Gracious (davidgra)
Oct 30 2009 at 00:41
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I guess I'm entering wrong section here, I thought this was successful story of fapturbo....

oh well.....

Always be gratefull for what you've got
Nov 06 2009 at 17:13
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We have released FAPTURBO 49 with a new currency pair USDCHF. Results are really great: (+42%) (+23%)

You can read full story here:

Nov 06 2009 at 17:18
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Nov 06 2009 at 21:40
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After testing a lot of EA...i think FapTurbo still the best in the market...
With current v49..we can trade more pair so..more profit..

For those saying Fap is not good...can you show me better EA than Fap with current live account statement?😁

Nov 09 2009 at 03:46
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Good words, Fluky. Thank you for the support. I dont say that fapturbo is a holy grail but we stand for our product and always keep the developments. After 1 year we have released several updates and always support our members.

Nov 16 2009 at 05:36
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fapturbo49 posted:
    Wow - someone made +45998.39% Profit with fapturbo (demo)

At FXCH.... A scam broker with lies for spreads.. Well done pushing your EA. but anything with FXCH = scam.

Dec 01 2009 at 14:23
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Despite the negative reviews about fapturbo, hmm I still think it is one of the better bots out there. Surely FXCH doesn't have much positive reviews on, but you can always find a 3 pip spread fixed broker on the eurgbp or eurchf, like tadawulfx or liteforex or fxopen, have it trade on eurgbp and eurchf at 30-50% risk.

Street Pips (streepips)
Dec 04 2009 at 06:51
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A biz0101 'money never sleeps pal' lol......a did you guys notice that Gekko's birthday is a Gann date? I bought some of those trading alerts when I first started, and I found a sure way to make alot of money on guys ready? do the opposite of what ever it says, lol these guys will make up anything to make money!!! you have to ask yourself why aren't the central banks firing all the traders and hiring the robots?
biz0101 posted:
    man I would love to see some actual trading results of fabturbo, as I personally don't believe it can make any money..

so did you make any money with it? Or you're just trying to promote it?

Early Birds get the worms!!!
pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Dec 08 2009 at 14:02
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Got this advertisement today :

anybody familiar with this one?? Is it a hacked/improved version of original fabturbo?

Dec 08 2009 at 14:11
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pc8multifx posted:
    Got this advertisement today :

anybody familiar with this one?? Is it a hacked/improved version of original fabturbo?

their disclaimer says at the bottom of the page: 'Fap Turbo 51 is not affiliated, connected or related in anyway to Fap Turbo.'

so i guess they're just using the fapturbo hype to promote their ea.

Sleep is for the weak.
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