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Anna Forex Robot (bei Anna Forex Robot )

Gewinn : -99.9%
Drawdown 99.99%
Pips: 83.2
Trades 272
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:1000
Trading: Automatisiert

Anna Forex Robot Diskussion

Jun 07 2016 at 07:09
3 Posts
hello anna!
now your system wipe our accounts !!!!!!!
sad day!

Benjamin Van Tran (tranle447)
Jun 07 2016 at 07:18
120 Posts
All you need to do is to publish your accounts to prove that they have been blown by Anna Forex Robot . Then you can be entitled for a full refund.

Often , the best trade is no trade at all
Pablo (Pablo_Escobar)
Jun 07 2016 at 08:15
11 Posts
I have been watching these guys trade for a while.

And they have no idea how to trade Forex.

They delete old members who's accounts get blown because I can see the no longer post here to try hide the fact that they are useless.

Probably find they will delete me too.

People must just speak the truth. Dont waste your money wirh anna forex systems.

I don't see them lasting in fore . They just change their name and pop up under a new alias.

This is their 4th alias they have opened up so next time you choose a new service. Do your investigation properly.

Read all the chats from all the previous members who were here and the truth be spoken.

If i dont post anymore comments here its because thwy have blocked me as well.

Rather go learn how to manual trade yourself and your money will always be safe. Don't let these guys lose it for you.

You paying them $100 a month to empty you account 'Hoping' you will make money.

Looking in history of this chat forum they have destroyed a lot of accounts. Go read back. Take the time to do your homework.

Jun 07 2016 at 08:16
4 Posts
FXNewbie11 posted:
Hi Anna,

Do we need to worry UK EU referendum at June 23? Should we turn off GBP just in case?

AnnaForexRobot posted:
Hi FXNewbie11

There is no GBP Trade today , EA will handle all of it by it self you don,t have to worry about News .

Anna Forex Robot

Hi Anna,

Didn't I say to turn off GBP just in case? !!!

Salvatore Fonti (ForexNoop)
Jun 07 2016 at 08:16
7 Posts
Its not the first time he wipe's the accounts from his clients.
He probably saved his cent account with a few bugs again.

Jun 07 2016 at 08:16
192 Posts
thanks god..I stoped 2 weeks ago

Anna Forex Robot (AnnaForexRobot)
Jun 07 2016 at 08:34
89 Posts

Sorry for your Lose , i will give service Free till Next 3 Month to Current Clients so you can Recover your Loses .

Anna Forex Robot

Jun 07 2016 at 08:43
192 Posts
hahahahahahhaha...I love his/her sense of humour ...THE HAVE NO MONEY ANYMORE..FINITO....NO CASH...没钱... لا يوجد نقود...НЕТ ДЕНЕГ...بی پول... पैसे नहीं हैं।...


Jun 07 2016 at 10:58
8 Posts
Hello Anna - are you going to refund the monthly subsciptions? As you have lost all our money!

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