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Contest - pakemon18 (By pakemon18 )

Gewinn +3.3M%
Drawdown 16.04%
Pips: 48204.7
Trades 8317
Typ Demo
Hebel: 1:100
Handel Unbekannt


Apr 19 2018 at 07:21
38 Beiträge
It's aliiivee! ... and eating more pips than ever! 😝

..the alien does not concern itself with the opinions of humans..
mdkek (mdkek)
Apr 19 2018 at 19:29
2 Beiträge
can you please send me that robot

dream big,set your goals,have faith in god & enjoy your success
Apr 27 2018 at 07:46
5 Beiträge
finally this account will be flow up with this contest.

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