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Contest - riyaz22 (bei riyaz22 )

Gewinn : +10106.33%
Drawdown 63.00%
Pips: 6451.9
Trades 233
Typ: Demo
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Unbekannt

Contest - riyaz22 Diskussion

Jul 01 2012 at 06:03
22 Posts
To be fair here his losses are 45% of the fund, not 100%. He clearly got hit by not paying attention to the news though, and will probably learn from that mistake. He has the opportunity to correct this...lets see if he makes a comeback.

@fxbook89:Did you read the stats in the pic you attached?

Jul 06 2012 at 04:50
285 Posts
Abs. Gain -66.72% now chances of recovery are low.

Jul 11 2012 at 10:37
3 Posts
You are reading the statement wrong. He burned the account down to $700. Then there were very quick new deposits up to 20-30k$, so the overall number does not look to bad. If you started with $1000, you are down to $100 or less now. If you had deposited at the wrong time, everything would be gone.

-> Drawdown 199.83%

Sep 18 2012 at 12:03
64 Posts
Now wiped out again. Seems he is working for the broker.

Drawdown 11026.10%

Wonder how many people lost all money

Sep 19 2012 at 07:29
12 Posts
brothers try n trade on your own, or go with some money manger who is trading with money management, believe me these high returns are good for demo only, or you can play in a separate account for higher returns, but in long term there is no alternate to money management, if you keep on going up for these kind of high returns accounts you will loose eventually, this guy definately has some good strategy but he is not able to follow proper money management,why marry your trades

Sep 19 2012 at 14:36
36 Posts
Hi Brother
I totally agree with Mr Sudsind.well i am not trading that account since 1st August and I informed all by all means that I got separated from fxexplosive by 31st July coz the other person Mr Thomas deny to pay me even a penny.i informed HOTFOREX company too but they just ignored my message and replied back to me that if I want to inform all clients and any complaint against thomas kindly mail us from the registered mail with them for fxexplosive.But unfortunatly Thomas have all.Indeed he is a very good trader but he is very greedy same time.Now he dd again with a huge profit last month.Anyway yah I am trading my own pamm account with one managed account.Here is the link for pamm


Sep 19 2012 at 16:11
12 Posts
Thanks Riyaz and yes i know Riyaz is not trading that account anymore, as i am a friend with Riyaz on facebook and he posted few months back that he is not trading that account anymore and the other guy Thomas is trading it. After reading your story all i can say is that forget about that account and that person, If he deceived you, he will get it from the Almighty God, so all the best for the new account i wish you trade people's as well as your own money better than that guy and with proper money management.
All the best for your pamm

Sep 19 2012 at 16:52
64 Posts
Do not pay heed to the above 2 persons conversations. It is the same team trying to ccok up another PAMM account, for losers !!!

Sep 19 2012 at 18:12
12 Posts
Haha fxbook89, you guessed it wrong and i am no way associated with Riyaz or any other fund manager or management company, and don't worry i am not asking you to invest anywhere and also not asking you to send me some money :) lol. I trade my own money and don't manage anybody's funds and not running any kindaa pamm etc. i was just commenting like others and the statement i said above is true coz after seeing the performance of riyaz on demo contest i sent him a frnd request on fb and he posted that on his fb wall.
So, stop guessing it around, if you don't believe me you can search me on facebook and you will find a pure clear ID of a real person with no trace of forex on it :) with real frnds.
And bro for your kind attention please read my first statement i urged everybody not to invest anywhere and trade on their own or at least invest with a manager who is trading with proper money management.
All the best for your trading and investments

Sep 20 2012 at 07:02
36 Posts
Hi Brothers(Mr fxbook89 and Mr sudsind)

Hi brother Mr fxbook89.I am not inviting anyone to join here my PAMM.I already told the truth and also posted about the separation from fxexplosive almost 2month back.No body asked me when they enter that PAMM account accept few and I told them to invest on their own.But still if anyone invested what is my fault.If same account remain as it is then no body cry,because it had a huge profit at that time.That person Mr Thomas is a greedy even a very good trader.For your information I even donot know Mr sudsind is one of my facebook friend.If people really know how to earn profit from this market then no body contact us.Risk there in this market,if you are gaining means some one is losing some where.I agree that too much greed is not good and even lose everything.When we have a losing trade we start thinking to save that losing trade and not think about remaining one.Its emotional attitude.I also want to say if you want to bet on something bet on yourself.I also made mistakes after contest and I agree maybe because of my association with fxexplosive personal lots of people lost money but everyone know about the risk in market.Anyway i donot want to give any explanation.
Brother Mr Sudsind thanks for you words and I here inform all that we donot have any kind of association and never even talk b4.


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