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December - Closed Diskussion

Dec 17 2012 at 13:14
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I am Forex Envy User as well, It has a pretty good market team to package their results and it is very danger for newbie to lose money, It blew my accounts many times. My last Ultra account blew up in 7 days, Their rigid grid ea are extremely danger.

Because of this, I used some poorly data from my broker and I did a mini backtest between those GridMart EA. ( Forex Envy3.3, Forex Hacked2.3, Forex Identity 0.852, Totalgrid1.54) Long Cycle only.

----------------------- Long Cycle --------------------------------------------------------
Forex Envy Power long is the worst one in DD, Then Forex Envy HV mode is slightly better,
ForexHacked2.3 is better than all Forex Envy long mode with lower DD. ( Forexhacked 3 should be even better but I am not able to test it)

Forex Identity 0.852 is better than Forex Hacked2.3 with same lower DD but higher return.(Therefore, Forex Identity is better than Forex ENvy long mode)

Totalgrid1.54 is very picky on data, so I am not able to test it, However, It's recommanded funding is too low and many people blew up their accounts.
(Totalgrid 1.55 should be better but I am not able to test it either)

<However the best solution is to Trade Directional when we have market conditions like these as I stated on Nov 26 at 06:56 on PipinvestmentBot Feed ->

I agree with you, I have a free EA, it uses wallstreet EA's 4 indicators ( WPR, CCI, Stock, Mcad) plus HMA, it has very good results. Someone took the HMA main trend detection parts and add it to their own Flex gridMart EA, They mentioned that their results was very good.

Problem is that, Those Grid EA, we can only trend it at level one and then keep on going until trades are closed, May be we can trend it in hedge trades.

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