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Hedge Fund EA (by oladunni02)

Gewinn: +34.64%
Drawdown: 33.39%
Pips: 2038.5
Trades: 1012
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:1000
Handel: Automatisiert
Nov 11 2020 at 08:20
50 Beiträge
I think you should use some help. You’re using high leverage and that might not be profitable for you right now.

Nov 13 2020 at 12:33
63 Beiträge
It's good to be back... What is d matter guys? Is it about the trade I manually closed in LOSS? It's an added experience... Do u guys check out the other account? I don't think so... Pls do and see for yourselves it's all part of the trading process.

Nov 13 2020 at 12:34
63 Beiträge
😳... Our System is on Track!!!

Nov 13 2020 at 12:36
63 Beiträge
There is more to these than meets the eye

Nov 13 2020 at 12:42
63 Beiträge
togr posted:
Trading during USA election is not wise and brings you loss

My friend!... Here we go again... thanks but we didn't see it that way... cause we are working on some deeper knowledge in the industry

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