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Gewinn : +399.92%
Drawdown 15.65%
Pips: 13529.1
Trades 3790
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Automatisiert


Jul 23 at 05:43
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I agree too. One should wait for the dip to restore to a better value and then sell their stocks. If people sell when things go downhill, how will they make better profits!

ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jul 30 at 03:52
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Greeting all

We close this week with NEW high in all account, alltough been in sideway gain in this early week
Thus the Drawdown keept beeing controlled well.

We make some adjustment for next week
It on weighted risk in several pairs like EURCHF and GBPAUD that performed very well before july,
But now need to re-optimized with new Algorhytim to adapt curent price action condition

So we could gain more stable performance for the next weeks

Happy Trading, Happy Profits

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Aug 06 at 07:01
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Equity still going sideway this week,
Break Even POIN - BEP

Thanksfully we dont hit several drawdown like others

The new algo for GBPAUD that been silent since 3 weeks will be implement back on Monday, she will rocks like the first quarter back
So does EURCHF, EURGBP will be on Board with higher trade and profit factor above 2.5
The Exit Strategy already finished tweaking on WFA and we had the monte carlo analysist going strong with lower WCS.

So does EURCAD, we start re-optimzing and studying the WCS for more higher Profit Factor in live trade
GBPCHF still going good so no need to retouch it.

Oh ya, one more thing.
AUDNZD is keep ranging nicely, and new optimized sets already on board

FYI, Each Entry for LONG VS SELL, had each own parameters set differently

Why is that?? Every pairs had its own curency strenght characteristic!

So this is will be the Creamest Stuff on Our newest development

See you next week in GREEN PROFIT ZONE
Keep Pumping Pips!!

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Aug 13 at 02:05
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Another new high for All time.

Happy profits,
Happy Trading
Happy Weekend

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Aug 16 at 15:59
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Good News ! GOLD and BTC

We Just finished the latest market condition Walk Forward Analytic and Optimization for XAU/USD and BTC/USD

We back commence trading in GOLD on master Coiper low risk
and BTC on risk 3 PAMM
Both with very-very small risk
Our risk 3 account we using 0.01 lot
so does the normal risk, 0.01 lot
Tiny isnt it :D

No worry for other copier about the risk management,
Stoploss is setup always with the latest support and resistance
That been calculated on lower timeframe and dailly SnR plus Price Pivot

with those very low risk, and tight SL, it would be fundamentally reading on curent market condition
before we back using normal risk on those comodities and crypto

Stay tune for more longer PIPS eater of our algorythm.

Keep Pumping PIPS!!

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Sep 02 at 21:19
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The Tickmill Account is already out from drawdown :)

The trade at this week is very very slow. To keep up with drawdown period.
Because we avoiding AUD and CNY News that almost happened all day during trading hour

We know that AUD is comodity curency, and CNY is getting stronger effect in almost every curency almost like USD with the Threat of China Sea War

But we could see, last two days when there are not AUD and CNY news, we going back trade with our implemented 'anti slippage strategy'
We had 2 same trade with half lot each. Its working better with another Feeds from other LP that we could see going up stronger performance.
We only need 2-3 free trade day without AUD and CNY news to be on HIGH WATER MARK / NEW HIGH, just like our feed in other LP, the Tickmill :)

And the better upgrade is next week, we could even had closed the trade periodictly divide by 2-4 dividing, so the slippage would be more lower.

And we could see AUD and CNY red news is almost free everyday in next week at our trading hour.

So, we will see more trades and well managed performance with our new algo strategy.

See you in new High water mark next week


I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Sep 07 at 21:25
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1 The TICKMILL BEST are in Very Good NEW HIGH All time, this is the best Signal for General ECN
We've tried in Peppertstone, Tigerwit, ICM.
The best price feed that didnt affected much with much spike is this Tickmill Liquidity Provider

The Alpari Low Risk is almost to New High :)
The Alpari High Risk is lower to the alpari Low Risk, because the SWAP. But it will passing thru the Alpari Low Risk faster soon because of leverage.

This happened not just because the Market Had already Running good,
We dont wait, we proactive, we evolving the algo and basic strategy

We've adjust the algorythm since the last month. And keep researching using multipe Tickdata suite With Slippage test, with multi simulation such as 'Dellay, Slippage Chance, and Standart Deviation' Statistic
We massacre and tortured our code and algo for a month for best SIMULATION FOR REAL RESULT
So, less worry for slippage, even in ECN broker

And finally
Our implemented new strategy is proven work out, with splitting signal from multiple Liquidity Provider with smaller lots.
And this still beta testing,

The final Version for anti slippage algo is coming on board, few days from now, including

2 We Going up stronger even the market and feeds change and maybe broker or LP playing 'dirty' things ?
I've seen our master account closed trade with the price that the candle didnt even exist there, but 'this is ecn, bla bla bla, low liquidity etc etc' what can we do :D

But no worry about a fishi game even if did exist and happened, we doin other things for hiding our strategy and ID from them :)
Im not gonna opened everything here now,

And there is still more, implemented 'magic' things :D

And for other future improvement, i will not tell in public like forum or etc, maybe they keep up with our strategy?
Who knows even this is a myth, but a simple pluggin thing can do some stuff.

This is maybe my last technical about strategy that i will posted.

But, the non technical, algo strategy, etc, i will keep updated.

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Sep 07 at 21:30
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last quote as usual :D

Some insight why traders and investor failed :
' people scream when seeing 10% DD that been mentioned before. And jump out the boat.
Then when the boat runnaway with 8-10% dailly profit. They lefted sink alone in the sea'

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Sep 23 at 04:50
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Our now algo with better Fundamenal Analysist reading,
ITs now has breach new high after the latest drawdown exact last one month

with 292% total growht since inception of this account ( 6 mnth)

Yes market is changing its new habit, the fundamental since the Great Reset from CV19 etc

And now we had already keeping up with the new market condition :)

The Equilibrium

Get Ready to Dancing With The Market

NB : Our Risk 3 Account little bit late to climbing the high watermark, since different trading term and condition with SWAP and slippage, with is already we keep up with

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
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