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I've been at Teletrade for a couple of years and I'm fine with it. In fact, the broker offers standard conditions - MT platform and certain analytics, withdrawal of funds to the wallet and bank card. Only here I've seen such a number of assets, including cryptocurrencies and stocks. It seems to me that the company is more focused on experienced traders. On the other hand, there are training videos and managers who can tell you what to do in this or that situation. I like the fact that a broker openly provides information about his spreads and commissions. This is the right thing to do. Every client should immediately understand whether this format suits him or not. I can't stand it when some details and, of course, aren't in your favor are clarified after you've invested money. I haven't encountered such a thing here.
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I've been trading with Teletrade since 2017 and had a positive experience on both standard and professional accounts. I used standard first, cause it's got fixed spreads. For some reason I was afraid of floating spreads. But it turned out later that European trading session is not that volatile. I'm normally over with my trading by noon, so when american session with its crazy volatility starts, I'm already out. So for my trading style professional account with lower floating spreads is definitely more favorable. I'd also recommend taking a closer look at their synchronized trading offer. Its like trust funds management, but you don't give access to your money. Instead you just copy the trades of the chosen traders (there is a ranking system which you can use to choose your preferred trading system). For those who don't have much sucess on the markets themselves it can be a nice option to at least diversify the risks if not leaving the whole thing to professional traders.
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it is a bit expensive: fee on trades and fee for withdrawals...
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They deceive people. They promise to work and then lure money and specially drained them.
If you haven't lost, then you have already won
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The fixed spreads due to predictable. No sudden spread expansions. All trades made ​​in real markets. (Not 'market maker' team). This company is not in the hunt for my money! Fair, accurate and prompt payment of accounts (moneybookerssel). There are no hidden costs. I work with them for 2 years and I am totally satisfied!
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