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GBP/USD daily outlook

Nov 24 2018 at 00:08
229 mensajes
The pair is trading lower ahead of EU summit, however the downside seems limited to 1.2800 level. All eyes on Brexit headlines, there are important issues still remain unsolved.

Nov 24 2018 at 17:45
210 mensajes
The British pound fell against the US dollar on Friday. By the close of US trading, GBP / USD was trading at 1.2818, losing 0.46%. I believe that support is now at around 1.2764, the low of Wednesday, and resistance will probably be at the level of 1.2924 - a maximum of Thursday.

Nov 25 2018 at 07:49
6 mensajes
arigoldman posted:
Moved down a bit today despite an alleged agreement, interesting to see what the next week brings.

Yes, we have to wait the next week and see what will happen 🙃 but I still insist the downtrend is its main long direction.

Nov 25 2018 at 08:06
708 mensajes
GBP/USD: 'Think that the pair is forming an upwards mild Fibo channel. After hitting 1.3010, next level would be 1.3040. Anyways, in these levels, on Monday I would go up.

Nov 26 2018 at 01:12
229 mensajes
The pair is holding around 1.2800 level despite the EU leaders agree UK's Brexit deal at the summit which take Brexit one step ahead. The pair stay within its familiar range while the market awaits the UK parliament vote on the deal.

Nov 26 2018 at 08:18
708 mensajes
GBP/USD: On Friday, the pound fell to a minimum over the week: the pair GBP/USD fell by 0.5% to 1.2812, after the publication of new economic reports indicating a slowdown in economic growth in the eurozone.

Nov 26 2018 at 10:03
229 mensajes
GBP/Usd seems picked up a bit, but still not showing any strong reaction from the Brexit deal. The pair is expected to continue trading within the range for now, immediate resistance is at 1.2850 and on the downside support can be seen at 1.2795.

arigoldman (arigoldman)
Nov 27 2018 at 09:21
907 mensajes
A move to the downside. I could've seen it coming. Brexit turned out to be massively more expensive than expected.

Nov 27 2018 at 11:04
10 mensajes
Price is going to range until we get closer to the Brexit vote. Then who knows... If we get a deal then price should stabilise and start moving upwards but if there is no deal (which is likely) then anything could happen and GBP will be highly volatile. Best to stay away until picture is clearer

Nov 27 2018 at 13:14
229 mensajes
Pounds remain to continue under pressure before the UK parliament passes the Brexit deal, I’m expecting further downside towards 1.2700 level.

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