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Cherching best server broker

Jan 04 at 13:05
70 mensajes
Marloncolingwood posted:
Don’t go for a broker that doesn’t offer vps, you will find it very limiting going forward in your trading career. It’s actually quite a relief to be able to trade without having to worry about connectivity in your travels. Some that I have used/use that offer vps are turnkeyforex and fp markets. Currently I’m paying $25 monthly with Turnkeyforex for vps subscription but with more than $5000 trading balance, there’s no subscription charges.

Same is with fxview one can get free vps if has more $5k deposits. Any other broker out there that offer absolutely free VPS without any t&c?

Jan 05 at 07:27
871 mensajes
i always like to consider the broker as a reliable who doesnt restrict any kinds of trading technique with scalping and hedging. its my own opinion.

Jan 21 at 09:46
22 mensajes
You can check out the services and reviews of a broker and if you really want to know how they work, you always have the option to try their demos.

Jan 22 at 02:04
193 mensajes
Always choose a broker that offers VPS and RoboForex might be a good choice.

Mar 03 at 04:08
16 mensajes
Yes, you can always go for a broker change and not worry so much about sticking to a particular one if it is not working for you. Good luck.

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