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For newbie long term trading

Feb 11 at 12:29
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No matter what the trading style is, a newbie should come prepared with sufficient knowledge and skills and should possess patience.

Feb 12 at 14:19
posts 34
I'm a beginner, and I've been doing short term trading for four-month, so far it's going well.

I'm looking to try long term trading but wanted to know if there are any major risks in it or is it too early to start trading long term?

Feb 13 at 12:49
posts 630
It is not possible to make money from trading if trading psychology is not managed properly. In this case, you need to create a proper mindset. And we have to move forward in trading with long term goals.

Feb 14 at 09:26
posts 25
Due to the fact that long-term trading implies a profit that will be quick for me, many beginners do not try to get around this.

Feb 14 at 17:28
posts 298
The risk is lower than short term trading to long term trading. It is possible to follow money management properly.

Feb 17 at 04:53
posts 13
I agree! Keeping a track of how to maintain the right trading mindset can come as a big help for newbies.

Mar 02 at 04:37
posts 15
Yes, trading psychology is fundamental for traders and they need to make up the right trading mind for trading peacefully.

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