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How much money can I expect to make from trading?

Sep 22 at 06:56
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‌There are many factors that go into determining how much you can expect to make from trading, but one of the most important is your motivation. If you don't have a wealth-building goal or dream of buying a private resort, then it's not likely you'll experience much success because trading eats your capital. With a proper goal and mental strategy in place, you'll reach your goals - even if it takes longer than expected.

Sep 22 at 16:14
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It depends on your skills and knowledge. In the beginning you should think of preserving your budget and working out trading strategy which will bring you the money in the future. Later on, you can aspire to making about 15-20% annually.

Sep 24 at 08:04
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‌With the right strategy and practice, one can expect to make a small monthly profit doing trading. However, no amount of trading can turn an unskilled trader into a wealthy individual. People make a lot of money from trading, but it isn't easy to do so. The most important aspects of a successful trader are discipline and consistency.

Nov 05 at 06:31
posts 224
It is completely depend on your trading ability.

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