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Nov 27 2020 at 07:38
224 mensajes
Ericdier752 posted:
I think Myfxbook is the best place for us traders to talk to each other and discuss our trades. There is no other place I can think of.

There are lot of forum available in internet. However, communities in here are more active than other.

Nov 27 2020 at 09:38
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You can learn forex from many sites. You can read books, read forums, and watch different educational videos to learn forex properly.

Barter 7 (Barter7)
Nov 28 2020 at 14:08
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For what I know is, the profitable traders are all never share out their trading strategy out to public.. It was like a special secret recipe for a restaurant. And yet, if they got such free time to create a video or blog to promote their strategy why not they put more effort into trading as the profit earn much faster than the follow can be created through the promoting.

Nov 28 2020 at 18:03
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Profitable traders won't want to openly share their 'winning trading recipes' for free on YouTube only to generate revenues from YouTube ads monetization. Also I notice that 99% of traders who teach are not able to show performance proof of say 2 years. Doesn't make sense at all! What do you think?

Nov 28 2020 at 23:38
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Guys please Take some time to read this article.
Good luck

Nov 29 2020 at 00:27
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I think demo trading is the best medium for trading research. And if you want to get information, it is best to take the help of myfxbook.

Nov 30 2020 at 08:32
123 mensajes
There are many forums on the internet that are useful. Advertisements are everywhere, you cannot really avoid them - especially on blogs and YouTube videos - but there are many forums out there with strict moderation and/or a separate subforum for advertisements and referral links (including this site) where there are genuine people and good discussions.

Dec 03 2020 at 05:07
20 mensajes
This should be the right place for you if you’re looking for a community of traders where their experiences and trades are shared.

Dec 29 2020 at 04:37
16 mensajes
There are certainly some scammers out there and I think mostly everyone has encountered a fake broker once a while.

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