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Trading Lessons!

Jan 24 2020 at 07:49
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Malokelv posted:
Nothing is guaranteed in our life so anything like that as well anyway. For whatever reason being done there totally and completely. In such way you should treat your forex as well, and no some other thing. Only like that and you will get some results soon.

That’s right, everything is unpredictable.

Aug 19 2020 at 17:14
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Forex trading is especially fast-paced and risky, so it is especially important to have a solid basic knowledge before trading with the money you earn. Understanding risk and FX risk management strategies, including Stop Loss, are also essential to long-term FX success.

Aug 19 2020 at 23:50
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There are many types of strategies in trading. Sentimental Analysis is the best analysis in the trading world. The way in which the market moves in 4 ways is what I usually call context. Those 4 ways of context are impulsive/corrective and volatile and non-volatile. If this context and support/resistance level can be combined, then a lot of money can be made from the Forex market.

Aug 20 2020 at 03:26
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Before large investments we generally open a demo account in a broker to see the performance how it works. But I have seen, after large investments brokers attitude changes sometimes that is not available in micro accounts.

Aug 20 2020 at 06:45
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trading Forex with no knowledge i think the biggest mistake ever that beginners level always do. this mistake even i have passed when was a newcomer.

Aug 20 2020 at 08:08
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I have learned that do not share your opinion about market with others if you are a day trader.It makes you biased about about that day. If I stay away from others I do good in trading. I need to be influenced free to keep my mind relaxed.

Aug 20 2020 at 17:34
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You can learn the forex from many sources. But I prefer the Demo account most. Because I think the demo account is the most effective way to learn forex perfectly and properly.

Aug 22 2020 at 04:30
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my best lesion always try to learn from own mistake ,
 actually there is no best teacher without self , its my own experience.

Aug 22 2020 at 11:23
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emotions only things that can make you loser in real life even trading life. generally we traders choose with our broker emotionally . and trade emotionally most of the time.

David Thompson (FxDThompson)
Aug 24 2020 at 10:25
posts 11
Great. You have all made valid points.

 One of the things i've also discovered is that it helps to have a support system. While it is key to do you own research, developing systems and strategies that work for you (also based on learning from mistakes). Having a mentor, someone who has been through the trenches and is willing to help you learn from their experience, avoiding some traps and mistakes you haven't encountered yet.

"Let tomorrow envy that you did it today"
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