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Jan 24 at 12:58
274 mensajes
A system becomes simple when we understand it completely. There is a very deep link between a system and our mind. Something you just know you can't express it in words. When your instinct and system merge it becomes simple one.

Jan 24 at 14:42
289 mensajes
There are many types of analytics in trading, each of which uses different methods to make a trading profit. If you want to make money, you have to develop a strategy first.

Jan 26 at 20:50
164 mensajes
I`m more into TA.

Feb 11 at 09:17
26 mensajes
I prefer the blend of fundamental and technical analysis.

Feb 19 at 11:33
7 mensajes
Yes and both of these are really important for trading, and nearly every trader should pay close attention to it.

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