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What is your favorite leverage?

Jul 25 at 02:17
posts 672
1:50 is my favorite leverage. If you trade with this leverage, the account is protected.

Jul 25 at 06:43
posts 148
i have no specific trading leverage that i use for all time , but the main problem is sometimes any kind of leverage can fall you a great trouble in spite of having good knowledge and experience.

Jul 26 at 13:09
posts 59
Trading in lower leverage is a sweet spot for me. Been sticking only 30x leverage with fxview

Jul 26 at 13:59
posts 28
'I prefer trading with the 1:30 leverage since I'm a beginner and the leverage is not high enough to blow up accounts.'

Jul 27 at 09:22
posts 41
which leverage is more appropriate for you it depends on your money management , so develop your money management and good amount of profit by using leverage,

Jul 27 at 10:01
posts 50
sometimes leverage contains huge profit but of course you have to make sure real money management. so focus on there.

Terentius (Siomo)
Jul 27 at 18:19
posts 19
1:100 is not to big as 1:500 and not so small as 1:20, that is required bigger margin size.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 27 at 21:04
posts 166
if already use big capital, low leverage is safer than high leverage, usually I am using leverage 1:200.
but most trader PAMM likes to use 1:100

Jul 28 at 08:51
posts 41
any kind of leverage ratio i like most above all when can predict the real faction of this market with certainly.

Sep 12 at 13:57
posts 283
1: 100 for work is the most convenient option for me

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