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When loss occurs

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jun 14 at 12:44
posts 238
when losses occur one needs to be patient and look for opportunities

Jun 15 at 06:14
posts 10
Losses can't be ignored but you must trade with keeping risks low with proper stop losses.

Jun 15 at 06:50
posts 38
Often losses occur due to the fact that we have little experience and do not know how to fully control our emotions.

yana hansen (78678676)
Jun 15 at 07:07
posts 137
Losses are inevitable, however one should try and keep calm. I know how it feels to lose money and its definitely easier said than done but you get to learn a lot from your mistakes. My advice would be to thoroughly journal your trades , so that you have a record and you can go back and have a look to realize where you made a mistake.

Jun 15 at 07:12
posts 148
there is no one who can reduce loss in spite of having good knowledge and experience , so we the traders first of all have to make sure the ability how to take losses easily.

Jun 15 at 08:14
posts 13
To trade on forex, one need proper knowledge of how forex works, forces that drives quotes and how to read charts by applying proper tools and indicators.

Jun 17 at 14:31
posts 682
Beagelv posted:
Only practice and experience will make it possible to get away from losses and come out on a good and stable income.

Yes, you are right, only knowledge and practice can keep you away from loss.

Jun 18 at 08:44
posts 20
Losses are part of forex trading. So, just accept those losses, learn from them and never repeat the same mistakes again.

Jun 21 at 06:33
posts 886
so many bad trading habits that always kills our trading positive result , from all i most hate the over trading , its a trap to fall a loss , nothing without it.

Jun 21 at 08:55
posts 10
Loss is inevitable part of forex trading, we must learn to manage trades and execute it according to the results that we got after back- testing of strategies.

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