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Why are some traders successful?

Jan 18 at 06:31
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Success in forex comes with disciple, consistency and good strategy.
Jan 18 at 07:13
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There are many factors that contribute to the success of traders. Some traders are successful because they have a deep understanding of the markets and are able to make informed decisions based on data and analysis. Additionally, successful traders often have strong discipline and risk management strategies in place, which help them to minimize losses and maximize gains.
Jan 18 at 12:31
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success is a big deal in this market place but need a long time trading knowledge first of all including a great level of patience.
Jan 18 at 17:33
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Everything is quite simple - in trading, a trader's knowledge and experience play a significant role in achieving success. Accordingly, such traders are the most successful.
Jan 19 at 04:50
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patience is important but if you do have real money management i think there is no way to bring success from this market place.
Jan 20 at 09:56
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I suppose It come down to having a good entry and exit strategy, aswell as being aware of market conditions, being patient and having self control.
Feb 16 at 04:55
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In trading in order to be successful one should have enough patience and skills and that is built with only practice.
Feb 17 at 12:22
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electrica333 posted:
In trading in order to be successful one should have enough patience and skills and that is built with only practice.
Yes, I agree with you. Demo trading is best for practising trades.
Feb 17 at 19:29
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Trading is not much different from other areas of work. It is worth understanding for yourself that in many respects the success of a trader depends on how he worked to gain knowledge. When I started working with a broker , I tried to pay maximum attention to this.
Feb 18 at 10:48
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Some traders are successful because they have a deep understanding of the financial markets, their trading strategies, and the financial instruments they trade in. They have spent years studying and mastering the markets and have gained valuable experience over time.
Suradi (FXOday)
Feb 19 at 21:57
posts 460
It is a common thing there is different result in each other in many businesses, the profession could be the same, but, the result will be different, in forex trading, although two traders use the same trading strategy the end result could be different, there is another factor the cause like psychology, time to enter, slippage, etc.
Adam (Glossy)
Feb 22 at 22:28
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Sometimes it seems to me that some traders have very strong intuition, and it cannot be learned.
Feb 28 at 11:31
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For me, knowledge and experience - I truly believe that successful forex traders often have a deep understanding of the markets they trade in, as well as a wealth of experience in trading.
Eric (Goldbarrel)
Mar 03 at 13:55
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For every experienced trader comes a new stage in life, when he begins to receive investments from those who also want to make money.
Make money with people who know how to make money.
Mar 07 at 06:32
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Being in an industry for a long can help them to overcome the struggle they faced while trading, this can help them to become more prone to the changes and accepting the challenge to be better.
Mar 15 at 08:28
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To be a successful trader, there are several factors that come into play. One of the most important factors is having a thorough understanding of the market and the ability to use data and analysis to make informed decisions. In addition, successful traders tend to have a strong sense of discipline and effective risk management techniques that allow them to limit losses. By combining these factors, traders can increase their chances of success in the highly competitive world of trading.
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