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Are you blocked in discussion groups....?!!! Please come here and tell us..!

Jan 20 at 04:21
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Good way to screen out scammers. It is very important to stay safe out there.

Mar 03 at 09:54
posts 19
That is a good suggestion and I hope they ultimately do something about it.

Apr 03 at 02:00
posts 378
ahmedfouad posted:
I was thinking about it...Yes....if you are blocked, come here and tell us where you were blocked and why?

Many of us when starts to ask questions to some EA vendors which is very bothering to them, the easy way by them is just to block you to let the scammer complete his job smoothly and fish some new customers to his fake EA...!

In this way, we'll cut the way too much early before the scammer succeeds to complete his mission, and also to highlight to the others about the risky subject before thinking about them...!!!

I hope this idea will appeal to you..

I will start by myself...

I was blocked here: (He is most probably the same one of the following link of another EA and I discovered he is using many other users to give more likes to his EA which is not working),7 (after the crash of 30% of the account, I withdrew from the account management and also others, we critisize that we've never been informed by email before taking the decision by the master account to close all losing trades specially it was done 'manually' and not 'automatically')

Yes. It's a very good idea friend.

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