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$ 1000 to $ 10 000 in 4 weeks ?? * real account

Feb 06 2015 at 04:38
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So now we know that it is possible to turn 100 $ in to 1000 $ in 4 weeks . i made myself 900 % profit in less then a week .easy 😀 😎

Now i would like to find out if it is possible to turn 1000 $ it to 10000 $ in 4 weeks ?? i would like to know if have any one manage to do it in such a short period of time ? 😐 .
Omar Al Jammal (GLADITOR79)
Feb 06 2015 at 13:17
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We need to see the account trading history , is that possible??
No GLORY for Quitters
Feb 06 2015 at 13:39
posts 297
GLADITOR79 sorry but NO its not possible to see it .Yet . maybe i will show it later on if i get to the target.
Feb 21 2015 at 18:14
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Over 4 years ago, I read a story of a China school teacher turning his usd250 (cannot remember exact amount) to over usd200k (maybe usd300k) in just under 2 months. When the school teacher ask for withdrawal, the broker flew a representative to personally present the cheque to that gentleman in China.
Feb 22 2015 at 08:06
posts 4 lost everything, never use too much risk man
Feb 22 2015 at 08:29
posts 209
If you check trading accounts of some competitors in various competitions who traded normally with some reasonably good money management, you will see that they do make over 100% profits in less than a month of trading.....not enough to win competitions because of other competitors using high volume & speed EA/Robots (also adequately shown in the current running competition here) which are not be allowed to be used on real live account, but which can and are being achieved regularly in the real trading world.

So, YES, 900% profits in 4 weeks of trading is not only possible, but are being done all the time. The big danger in such high profit achievement is in becoming over-confident & cocky, placing one too many large size trades and believing he/she cannot lose and then, in matter of minutes, wipe out the entire trading account when market suddenly move against the trades.

Just have patience, practice good money management, spend time in keeping up-to-date on market movements & sentiments, and be satisfied with smaller profits on a regular basis. Over time, your trading account will grow to a size whereby you can easily make sufficient profits to support both yourself and your family.

Feb 23 2015 at 12:02
posts 67
It's.... ambitious. yes, I agree, possible. Probable? Nope.
TradeWizard (AnalyzedIncome)
Feb 24 2015 at 12:44
posts 206
with high risk u always need luck to be on your side thts why good traders depend on money management when luck is against them everyone trades good almost 60% of profitable trades what differs from profession and greed is the experience of the utilization of trade thts why moneymanagement is more important
Greed and Non acceptance are the biggest enemies
Feb 24 2015 at 21:19
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Wow, sorry to say, that last statement needed some punctuation.... and capitalization perhaps.
Feb 25 2015 at 14:43
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What are you David, the grammar police? :D
Feb 26 2015 at 07:58
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Fritz125 posted: lost everything, never use too much risk man

  The thread starter has a system which isn't built on accuracy. A system built on accuracy are the only systems which can consistently earn xyz % per week. Most people look at it as luck as being able to earn say 1000% profit, but luck has nothing to do with a person who can keep hitting his tp before losing more then 15 pips in the process. If a system can hit 6 pips before giving up 15 pips, then that is the system which can turn 1k into 10k without any issues.
Feb 26 2015 at 21:03
posts 67
And, do those exist Cholipop?
Feb 27 2015 at 07:37
posts 406
davidcraigson posted:
And, do those exist Cholipop?

 Yes they do. I ama scalper, and I trade using both high and low risk. When I use high risk trades I aim for accurate entries. So say I want 10 pips, I will not give more then 10. But each pip may be 1% of my account. or even more depending on the formation which we have a look at the following chart.

Same currency pair but different TF. Do you see that both of them have the same exact formation even though the tf are light years apart. Both charts look like a foot, or a high heel shoe. You will notice the move down on 5m (the move down was todays sell off), and on d1 ( the move down we see is the drop over the last 6 + months)

 You will see today once london closes that the 5m will look exactly like the d1, Meaning the drop and leveling off, followed by one more drop before a reversal. Ofcourse the reversal will occur on the 5m first. Yet that proves the market is cyclical. Now my trading system uses formations just like that but on three tf (tick, 1m, and 5m) and only opens big lots once we have those formations. Instead of wagering all in once it is confirmed, I leave enough free margin for a fake and to take the sharp reversals.
Mar 03 2015 at 07:54
posts 406
I am currently ranked number 4 over at as a PAMM manager. First week the account went from 500 to 1500, and now this week I am looking to have the account at 3000. 2 MORE WEEKS of 100% profit would give this account the 1,000usd to 10,000usd in 4 weeks.

chike assuzu (mecmen)
Mar 04 2015 at 08:06
posts 15
Guy its nothing new, I made 1000$-7650$ = 650% manually trading in 5days. Yeah five days. So you can make it. But the draw-down is where the main battle is, when u mean account managment
James Smith (james2015)
Mar 17 2015 at 18:51
posts 46
DrVodka posted:
So now we know that it is possible to turn 100 $ in to 1000 $ in 4 weeks . i made myself 900 % profit in less then a week .easy 😀 😎

Now i would like to find out if it is possible to turn 1000 $ it to 10000 $ in 4 weeks ?? i would like to know if have any one manage to do it in such a short period of time ? 😐 .

it's not possible hehhehehe 😁
“The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”
Paul Ingram (SubTh3ory)
Mar 18 2015 at 07:49
posts 42
I've been hesitant to invest my time in Forex Trading because I hear both success stories and failure stories. I hear so many people talk about how there are strategies you can use to succeed, and then others that will come right after them and tell everyone that it doesn't work.

There is something that I am certain of, however: The concept of foreign currency trading is simple - The market goes up, and it goes down. If I always knew which way it was going to go, I could be rich.

The hard part is really just predicting the market. As far as I know, the market repeats itself, to some extent. Now, I don't know how true that is, but I am certainly curious of how the market really works.

I have been looking at Nial Fuller's information, and I've heard some people state that Nial is using an 'outdated' system of pin-bar trading. This brings me more confusion. In other words, if a system can become 'outdated' then this seems to imply that the market does NOT repeat itself, and that it is inevitably unpredictable to an extreme that makes me back off of Forex even further.

I just need to know if what you guys are saying in this thread is possible at all and I want proof of this.

Thank you!

Mar 18 2015 at 08:36
posts 209
Paul Ingram:

There is indeed money to be made from the forex market.....BUT before you start on trading the forex market, preset your mind to treat that as another investment instrument and NOT a -get-rich-quick scheme.
Forget what others are telling you about making tons of money in the forex market because the ONLY way they did that was taking HUGE gambling risk and go all in to get huge potential profits in a great hurry.

My advice to you is, as I have been advocating for sometime now, is to go into the forex market with money you can afford to lose.
If your account is small (i.e below usd1,000) make only maximum 2 trades with maximum 0.02 lot size trades at any one time and take profits as you think fit. ONLY after all your positions have been closed out, then make two more trades.

Whenever you have additional spare money, deposit that into your trading account to build it up over a period of time.....kinda like you would do with a bank fixed deposit. The difference between a forex trading account and a bank account is that, even if you make a mere US1 per day, you would still get USD210 profits per year which is much, much more than any bank in the world will pay you for interest.

 Go into the forex market with confidence because the choice is yours to make and mistakes or profits made will be what you decide to do.

All the best!
Mar 19 2015 at 01:02
posts 99
DrVodka posted:
So now we know that it is possible to turn 100 $ in to 1000 $ in 4 weeks . i made myself 900 % profit in less then a week .easy 😀 😎

Now i would like to find out if it is possible to turn 1000 $ it to 10000 $ in 4 weeks ?? i would like to know if have any one manage to do it in such a short period of time ? 😐 .

yeah it is possible but after that. you gonna see your account 10000 to 0 in one second.
Mar 19 2015 at 22:31
posts 24

not sure what point your making, other than gambling with fx money does not work, you gambled, got lucky then got wiped out, followed by further losses and further deposits, the 900% means nothing as its now back in your brokers pocket?? certainly not 😎

am i missing something,

for me the whole idea of crazy high gains is a pipe dream as it is not sustainable, yes anyone can get lucky and turn such profit,
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