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20 trades to become millionare - is it possible?

Nick (Nickbuer)
Sep 27 at 20:48
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Oct 15 at 19:32
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It's possible in theory, however you should understand that everything you can imagine in theory isn't possible at practice. Here we should apply to luck, because 20 trades winstreak is kinda rare and almost impossible. It depends on the sum which you consider to start with. For example if you start from 50k$, then probably it's possible to upgrade it to 1 million of dollars, but you will have to neglect risk management and money management practices. Hence, if you are ready to take such risks on yourself, then you should try it. However, if you consider lower sum, then it will be almost impossiblt as I think.

Oct 16 at 17:12
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Yes, it is possible to make money in stock trading. Many people have made millions just by day trading. But the important thing about day trading is that only a few can make money out of day trading and the rest end up losing their entire capital in day trading

Oct 19 at 10:07
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well you can even become a millionaire in just on trade if you have that in you.

Oct 19 at 12:24
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I think you will never become even a millioner for 20 trades. Because I am not sure you will get 20 profit trades. 1 or 2 min will be negative. Or maybe bigger negative.

Oct 19 at 13:37
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I believe that trading may well bring such an outcome. And again, everything here depends solely on the trader.

Oct 20 at 20:32
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croisssan posted:
I believe that trading may well bring such an outcome. And again, everything here depends solely on the trader.

A good plan can make you rich in this market.

Nov 12 at 09:07
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It's possible if you start from 500k$ and you will open a position with 10-50k$. In other cases it will be very difficult for you to become a millionaire just with a help of 20 trades. I believe that traders shouldn't set such oobecjtives at least the will be at solid level in trading activity. Traders should set minor objectives and step by step reach them. For example, if you have 500$ for trading, then your first goal is 1000$, the next one 5000$ and in the same way you will reach any sum which you want. Of course, it requires a lots of time, however it will teach trading discipline and you will never cheat yourself with fake hopes in this case.

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