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Jan 12 at 08:52
22 mensajes
That is right. A lot of things need to be considered like the commission fees, spreads, regulation, trading conditions etc.

Feb 09 at 10:00
23 mensajes
That is right. Make a detailed analysis of their services, conditions, spreads, withdrawals, payments, platforms, etc. These are quite important while selecting a broker. Some people even look for regulation.

Feb 10 at 10:38
25 mensajes
This is how I chose the Amarkets broker. I made a deposit of $ 100, the minimum tested it, tried to trade the withdrawal of funds, sang, everything suited me, so I work with him.

Feb 10 at 10:48
10 mensajes
IC are what most pro traders use. Solid broker with good spreads etc and regulated in australia

Feb 18 at 09:01
70 mensajes
Regulations and licences are the first thing to check out. Cross check on the website to see if they are really regulated or not.

Feb 22 at 14:25
88 mensajes
Platforms that have been on the market for a long time, and I have more confidence than everyone else, because they held out if there was something wrong.

Feb 24 at 05:27
9 mensajes
Yes, looking for a regulated broker that has a reputation can be a good thing for a trader. You have shared some very good suggestions. Thanks.

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