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Impulse Trading and How to Avoid It

Sep 08 2022 at 12:19
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To avoid impulse trading you should always,
1 Have a Plan
2 Stick to a one-time frame - Daily Time Frame is a good start
3 Over trading
Sep 14 2022 at 10:36
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Impulsive trading is really a problem which needs to be solved at the earliest possible. Otherwise, it can increase the chances of losses that will eventually become heavier as a trader progresses. A trader should have a clear plan and should remain disciplined to avoid impulsive trading. It is about controlling thoughts and emotions while trading, which is the key to successful forex trading.
Sep 17 2022 at 08:05
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Besides using fibonacci, traders should use other indicators as well to well forecast the market.
Sep 17 2022 at 13:45
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Among various types of trading, some are hedging, long-term trading, , and scalping, which I prefer the most.
Sep 23 2022 at 11:12
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Develop your trading psychology.
Make a trading plan and stick to it, so that you do not have the reason to over trade.
Make a fixed number of trades in a day, and open only one trade at a time.
Building your discipline will also help you stick to trades and prevent from over trading, or trading impulsively.
Oct 25 2022 at 06:07
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There are a few things you can do to help avoid impulsive trading. One is to keep an open mind and be patient when making decisions. Another is to always have a plan, and stick to it once you’ve made your decision. Finally, make sure you research the products you are considering before making a purchase. By doing this, you can reduce the chances of buying something that won’t serve your needs or will end up costing more in the long run.
Oct 27 2022 at 04:59
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To avoid impulsive trading, traders should always move by logic rather than by emotion. Decisions should always be clear, and one should always follow a trading plan.
Oct 27 2022 at 07:56
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For those who struggle with controlling impulsive decisions, it is said that organising and following a plan can help structure thoughts and can help in minimising irrational decisions. Take a break when you are losing yourself and come back with a fresh mind. There’s nothing better than a trader who knows how to cut their losses and still manage to make profit.
Oct 27 2022 at 10:29
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To avoid impulse trading 4 simple tips:
1.First, don't use any market orders for trading. Try to adjust your strategy if possible to use pending orders so that you just put the pending orders in your MT4 account with stoploss and take profit and close the terminal and allow the trades to be executed automatically when price reaches such levels. Next, open the MT4 terminal once or twice every day and adjust or close the trades as per trading your plan. That's it.

2.If the above step doesn't work, then choose a specific time of the day for trading like London session, New York session etc and trade only during that time as per your trading plan.

3.Don't try to memorize your trading plan. Write down your trading plan in a piece of paper or at least on your computer as a file in very simple format like A,B,C,D or 1,2,3,4,...etc which will clearly define your trading plan to anyone without any ambiguity at all and just follow that.

4.If none of the above step is suitable for you, then just implement your trading strategy into a MT4 expert advisor which will execute your trades at a specific time with stoploss, takeprofit , trailing stop and everything else and you just launch the MT4 terminal during that time and don't interfere too much with the trades placed by the EA until and unless absolutely necessary . That should be very simple:))

I hope either one of the above steps or all the above steps will work for 99% of traders to avoid impulse trading.
Artificial General Intelligence
Oct 27 2022 at 11:24
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In order to avoid impulse trading you must have a trading plan and you should stick to it.
Oct 31 2022 at 07:32
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Impulsive trading can be avoided in an easy manner. Traders need to focus on following their plan, with which they entered the market with. When you have a set order in routine, it gets easier to decide when to wait and when to move. If traders feel out of control, they should take a short break and resume trading when they’re in a better space.
Nov 01 2022 at 12:40
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And what is the essence of this trading option - does it have any result?
Nov 08 2022 at 06:16
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Impulse trading can occur due to lack of knowledge and patience. Traders need to learn the importance of management so they can create a plan, budget and move in the right manner. Impulsive decisions can only lead to blown accounts which in turn means quitting. Hence, if traders analyse the market and move slowly, they can safeguard their future in the marketplace.
Nov 09 2022 at 06:43
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Traders should run their analysis trails on demo account first to confirm whether their analysis is okay or not.
Nov 10 2022 at 12:01
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To avoid impulse trading, I believe a trader must first analyze the market, create a proper trading plan, and then trade using risk management strategies.
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